We started to explore, industrialize and commercialize ornamental stones in 1988. Since then, Granos has become one of the most important companies in the Brazilian and global market.


One of the reasons why Granos is so significant is its geographic location. The company’s headquarters is located in Caucaia, Ceará, in the Northeast of Brazil. It’s a strategic spot to the commercialization of stones, mainly because of its natural characteristics. The geological attributes of the area generates more resistant granites, which means long lasting shine. Also, the region has two of the most important Brazilian ports – Mucuripe and Pecém. They are the closest Brazilian ports to Europe and America. It’s an ideal position to serve the global market.

We offer a wide range of products, including blocks, slabs and tiles. And we deal with high technology equipment, including Italian machinery. We are always working to improve our machines through high-end tools and technology news.


In addition, team Granos is completely in love with stones. It’s part of our culture. We are always searching for the next nature discoveries and industry trends. Because of that, we are 100% ready to help our clients to choose the best material for their needs.

No matter the size of your idea, Granos is the best choice. Contact our team.