Our granites are extracted from an area that has greater concentration of quartz, giving the stones a superior resistance if compared to stones from other regions in Brazil. That means our granites keep its shine for longer, reducing further maintenance costs.

Airports, shopping centres, supermarket and façades are constantly exposed to external factors such as rain, pollution and people’s traffic. Therefore, these places need high-resistance material like our granite.

We are also specialised in exotic and premium materials,very appreciated in the global and Brazilian Market. It’s the perfect combination for basic materials in a project. We are one of the biggest providers of exotic ornamental stones to the United States.


An extremely resistant material ideal for striking surfaces.


The most versatile of materials. Because of it’s neutral colours, it’s usually selected by architects and interior designers who wants to create sophisticated ambients.


We’re always looking for what’s the best around the world.


If you are interested in processing our materials, please find below the colors from our own quarries which we will be able to supply Blocks according to quarry availability: