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Stand da Granos na Revestir

The most highlighted trends in the markets of architecture, decoration, and design were our inspirations for the design of the stand that we are going to set up at Expo Revestir. We have separated five trends for you to immerse yourself in this experience with us.
Granos + Pedro Franco, an inspiring collab Nouveau Table made from Perla Santana
Our mission is to inspire. Looking for people who inspire us is part of our oxygenation. This is what happens in the nearly three-year partnership between Granos and the design full of glocality and Brazilianness by Pedro Franco, ALotOf Brasil’s director, a brand with Made in Brazil pieces that connects the Brazilian soul with the industry. We have invited Pedro to sign the project of the space, where striking features of the design work take shape through a genuinely Brazilian stone, permeated by countless details that we will tell you later throughout these days of the exhibition.

Alamo Navona, a unique stone
A Brazilian stone with all the glocality of Ceara’s scrubland, rich in unique mineralogical attributes that give it strength and beauty, this is how we present our stone of the year 2022, our Alamo Navona.
Alamo Navona by @emearq.com.br
When you need to choose a stone and you expect high performance from it, silicate stones are the first recommended option. A quartz and feldspar monzogranite, with high mechanical and stain resistance, in addition to not reacting with acids, the Alamo Navona can enhance any project with elegance and performance. Available in Matte, Rough, and Sand finishes, which give a natural, timeless and deep texture to the stone, often referring to the original environment that formed it.
The entire project is made using the Alamo Navona stone and you will be able to see up close all its aligned and constant movement, which gives it elegance and a feeling of fluidity and comfort.

Wabi-Sabi, a philosophy that guides us
The term wabi-sabi, originated in Japan, is something that the Japanese themselves recognize, but do not define, they just live it in their hearts and minds. It is an issue that involves less what we see and more how we see it.
Separately, wabi, which means soft taste, is about finding beauty in simplicity, and for this year’s proposal for our stand, this concept is connected with the naturalness of the surface finishes of the stone. As for “sabi”, the term comes from patina, old look, elegant simplicity, it connects with the passage of time, the way things grow and wear themselves out, changing the visual aspect of everything, which is totally aligned with the stones, since time is what caves, shapes and improve them.
A wabi heart recognizes the sabi beauty. A Matte finish that recognizes and reveals all the beauty that time has built into the Alamo Navona.
Our stand will show all the perfection of elements that are sometimes seen as imperfections created by nature, time, or men. The ambience we have prepared will provide visitors with a transforming vision due to the naturalness of the Alamo Navona stone and its arrangement in each element arranged in our space.
Kintsug, a secular technique for valuing the marks of time and life Kintsugi Technique
Kintsugi is a secular Japanese technique that values ​​and highlights breakings. Using glues with gold, silver, and platinum powder, ceramic pieces were and are reassembled in a way that gives the ‘flaw’ a meaning. We see in this technique a direct relationship with the formation process of the stones.
“To form itself, every stone undergoes over billions of years through solidifications, breaks, ruptures, re-solidifications, chemical, physical and structural changes and each of them makes the beauty of natural stones unique and incomparable.” – Sávia Silva, Commercial Manager at Granos
A natural stone is a big mosaic forged by the force of nature that becomes part of the life of those who will live together with this stone. Without creating anything new and industrialized to put in a world already so overloaded, we just choose to bring close to us what nature “glued” not necessarily with precious metals, but with elements as special as the silica present in 42% of the Alamo Navona, and all the albite that brings the tonality of this stone, for example.

Matte finish: for beyond the eyes, an experience for the touch
Always attentive to all the trends for coverings, we constantly develop new surface finishes that often allow the reinterpretation of stones seen as “outdated”. Taking the stone out of the ordinary is our intention when we develop new textures, shines, and sensations from the raw materials we work with. In 2020 we brought the Alpha Matte to the market, and now, the Alamo Navona Matte, which will surely surprise and delight all the senses.
Sensory naturalness are the key words to describe this new product, our bet for the architectural market. Be sure to visit our Revestir 2022 stand.
Matte Alamo Navona

Expo Revestir 2022 – 20 Years| March 8th to 11th, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
In person: Transamerica Expo Center 387, Dr. Mário Vilas Boas Rodrigues Avenue Santo Amaro, São Paulo – SP
Virtual: 24 hours a day Digital EXPO REVESTIR All releases and exclusive content will be at www.exporevestir.com.br